Year: 2021

California Secures Presidential Major Disaster Declaration to Support Wildfire Response and Recovery Efforts

Posted on 08/25/21

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In the following press release, the office of California Governor announced that The State of California has secured Presidential Major Disaster Declaration to support wildfire response and recovery efforts. This is good news for those impacted by the wildfires and will allow them access to Federal assistance. This declaration does not limit the recovery rights…

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Common causes of malnutrition in nursing homes

The food and drink you consume have a direct correlation to your health, wellbeing and the quality of your life. However, as people age, their feeding habits and nutritional requirements change. It is important that family members know their loved ones’ dietary needs — especially when they move into nursing homes. Ensuring that nursing home…

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Does isolation count as nursing home negligence?

Seniors are at a higher risk of developing depression than younger people, especially if they are in an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, nursing home staff members in California are often not trained to recognize the symptoms of serious depression, which means your loved one may not be treated properly. Signs of depression in elderly people…

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Is understaffing causing more nursing home neglect and injuries?

A report published earlier this year confirmed what many people have known for a long time. Almost all nursing homes, no matter where they are located, are understaffed. Unfortunately, understaffing can have dire consequences for residents of California nursing homes, leading to increased neglect, injury and even death. Several factors have contributed to increasing problems…

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The harm over-medication can do to elders with dementia

Nursing home negligence and abuse is a widespread problem in California and across the United States. Nursing home negligence and abuse can take many tragic forms. These include overmedicating nursing home residents with dementia. Rate of nursing home overmedication of residents with dementia In considering nursing home injuries/abuse, the over-medication rate among residents with dementia…

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Is dehydration a symptom of nursing home abuse?

Healthy aging requires proper nutrition. Dehydration and malnutrition can cause serious health issues for elderly individuals. For older nursing home residents, dehydration can be life-threatening. If you’re a California resident with a loved one in a nursing home, here are some important things you should know about nursing home injuries. The Nursing Home Reform Act…

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California sues major nursing home chain over false records

Deciding which California nursing home will best suit your loved one can be an intense, stressful experience. Care services, expenses, dietary offerings and social opportunities must all be weighed and considered. Unfortunately, some nursing homes fudge facts about their facilities. Californian officials believe that Brookdale, a country-wide elder care chain, is guilty of this offense….

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