I am grateful for the incredible work that personal injury attorney, Shahrad Milanfar, and his team at Milanfar Law Firm did for an elder abuse and negligence case involving my late Mother who suffered injuries at a facility.

After approaching other attorneys who didn’t believe in our case, I contacted Shahrad, who listened carefully to the story of abuse, neglect, and abandonment our Mother had suffered in a retirement community in 2019.
For more than four years, Shahrad worked tirelessly on our case, investing hundreds of hours and seemingly endless resources to ensure that justice for our late Mother was served. His research and preparation were meticulous. He truly left no stone unturned when doing research and depositions for our case and he was passionate for justice during the case trial.
Even during the darkest moments during the past four years, Shahrad was in constant communication with our family, always keeping us updated on case developments and always vowing to fight for the memory of our beloved Mother.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the incredible passion, persistence, and professionalism – and heart - that Shahrad Milanfar put into winning our case.
I am forever grateful for his advocacy.

David C.

Personal injury attorney Shahrad Milanfar and his team outworked and outsmarted high price attorneys opposing us.

His dedication to carefully researching the details of the case, and knowledge of the legal system proved leaps and bounds above the defense. His victory in our case proved that there is no substitute for hard work, experience, and planning. I would highly recommend Milanfar Law Firm, PC to anyone who has a personal injury case or wrongful death case.

James C.

We wholeheartedly endorse Milanfar Law Firm, PC, without question Shahrad's legal acumen is unparalleled.

My husband and I were represented by Milanfar Law Firm, PC in a personal injury case following my husband's significant fall resulting in a shoulder injury, it was a complex and emotionally challenging case. Attorneys Shahrad Milanfar and Molly Ryan are phenomenal attorneys their expertise and comprehensive understanding of law are truly commendable. Throughout our case Shahrad and Molly diligently maintained open communication ensuring my full comprehension at every stage, demonstrating not only professionalism but also remarkable kindness. Shahrad and Molly consistently demonstrated compassion, integrity and unwavering determination in seeking justice, it was truly an honor to have been represented by them. We are deeply grateful to Shahrad Milanfar for his brilliant legal acumen and to both Shahrad and Molly for their tireless efforts on our behalf. Thank you for your exceptional service and unwavering commitment to achieving a favorable outcome for us.

Annette B.

I Received A Much Larger Settlement Than I Ever Dreamed Of

Shahrad Milanfar represented me in a personal injury case. I was hit by a car while crossing the street. I suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was caring and sympathetic and made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the start. He took a lot of time and gave me all the information I needed to make informed decisions and explained the strategy for a successful outcome. His approach helped reduce my stress and made me feel confident that he was working hard to protect my interests. Shahrad is a brilliant attorney with a tremendous ability to focus on the big picture as well as all the myriad of details while making sure everything is handled properly, and with documentation, every step of the way. The man is a marvel! He is a rare breed — someone you can put your trust in. He really cares about people and wants only what’s best for his clients, not his bottom line. I knew I was in good hands when he told me that he would use his years of experience as a trial attorney to stand with me. I received a much larger settlement than I ever dreamed of. Thank you Shahrad for everything you have done for me — I will always remember you with gratitude and fondness.


I have so much gratitude for Shahrad Milanfar and his personal injury team at Milanfar Law Firm, PC.

They represented me in a very difficult case. The injuries I suffered caused me to fall into a deep depression. I felt powerless and I isolated myself from friends and family. When I first talked to Shahrad, he advised me it would be a difficult case, but it seemed like he also genuinely cared about my situation and wanted to help. Even though he was busy with much larger cases, he and his team were always there for me. Shahrad and his team have been the light at the end of the tunnel of anguish I’ve been going through. I would highly recommend the personal injury attorneys at Milanfar Law Firm, PC.

Matthew S.

Their extraordinary hard work, bright minds, compassion and extreme tenacity, as well as piecing together exactly what happened and their ability to present it to the jury couldn't have been more professional.

My family and I had the pleasure of working with the extraordinary law firm of Milanfar Law. They are Personal Injury Lawyers and did a brilliant job of piecing together the neglect and abuse of my elderly mom and holding the facility she lived at accountable. They went the extra mile to take us on like mom was their own mom they were fighting for. They were not afraid to come up against large law firms and WIN, big time. This was not just helpful to us but was an example of a team that can find justice, and change how people see the law should be used to help those who are unable to speak for or stand up for themselves.

They drove the whole process in a timely and tenacious way. From end to end there never felt like there was a moment in time when we were not on their radar screen. They managed our family dynamics that came like the pros that they are.

Their extraordinary hard work, bright minds, compassion and extreme tenacity, as well as piecing together exactly what happened and their ability to present it to the jury couldn't have been more professional. Their talents will likely change the way eldercare is dealt with going forward nationwide. I highly recommend them. They are willing to go the extra mile in every possible way.

Karen C.

He Is One Of The Best

My experience with Shahrad Milanfar was superior. Shahrad was the voice for my father in a wrongful death suit and he exceeded my expectations. Shahrad gave my case the time and attention needed to be successful in court. He was very thorough with every detail and provided a great defense when faced with statements that were potentially counteractive. I am so grateful and appreciative of the knowledge and support I received through Mr. Milanfar. His professionalism is unmatched. He is one of the best and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Cierra L.

I am beyond grateful for Milanfar law firm and specifically my attorneys, Shahrad and Donavon.

Had I not been referred to Donavon I wouldn’t have known where to begin in this whole process. Without their legal guidance, I likely would have let the entire case pass by and would have been left in the hole after my car was totaled by another driver. I certainly wouldn’t have gotten the settlement amount they negotiated for me. Shahrad and Donavon truly took the burden off my shoulders and handled every aspect of my case. They were so responsive, professional, and most of all efficient, which really put my mind at ease. The high level of respect and professionalism they maintained while diligently negotiating with the insurance companies to get me every cent I could get for my case was truly impressive. I cannot thank Milanfar law firm enough for their hard work and the result they were able to get me on my case.

Catherine O.

The Milanfar Law Firm has been really helpful in my life because they made something happen for me that I never thought was possible!

In 2019 I had a tragic personal injury and Shahrad Milanfar and his team helped me get through the long fight which led to my well-deserved result! Shahrad stuck with me through the ins and outs of this court battle and he did what he promised he would do! I appreciate that this Personal Injury Law Firm keeps their word which is something that is hard to come by. Shahrad made sure that my boundaries were respected and there was no way that the opposing side could jeopardize my case. I am very satisfied with the outcome of this court case and I am extremely pleased with their ability to work as fast as possible to get me my handled! I would definitely recommend the Milanfar Law Firm to anyone who has a personal injury case that they want handled in a timely and professional manner.

Bailey B.

I would highly recommend Milanfar Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers to anyone who needs their help.

I worked with the dedicated and hardworking personal injury lawyers at Milanfar Law Firm on a wrongful death case for my dad. They did a great job and I’m very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Milanfar Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers to anyone who needs their help.

Tia B.

After speaking to some friends and acquaintances, I decided to consult with an attorney. I was referred to personal injury attorney Shahrad Milanfar by a couple of different people.

In the beginning of 2022, I received a phone call, one of the most dreaded feared phone calls that any mother can receive “Ma, Ma, something happened. I think I was hit.” My 14-year-old son had been hit by a car while a pedestrian in a crosswalk on his way to meet me. Most of that night after the phone call was a blur. We walked out of the ER department that night together. Mentally, I wasn't sure where to go from there. Physically, my son was sore, but he was going to be alright. I didn't realize the long term impact his head injury had on him and the psychological impact that he would end-up going through.

After speaking to some friends and acquaintances, I decided to consult with an attorney. I was referred to personal injury attorney Shahrad Milanfar by a couple of different people. At first, I was hesitant, never having dealt with an attorney, I wasn't sure what to expect. I gave Shahrad a call, he listened to what had happened, my concerns, and answered all my questions. Shahrad walked me through the process of what would happen if I chose to pursue the case for my son.

I decided to go ahead with the case and Shahrad explained fees and details that I needed to know. Shahrad began working on the case. From start to finish, Shahrad and his strong detail-oriented team kept me updated through the entire process. Any questions or concerns I had, they were quick to communicate with me, whether it be e-mail, phone calls, or text messages, there was always someone available in a timely manner.

Shahrad and his team contacted all the doctors involved and did the work to get all the necessary paperwork from any places that needed to be paid for through the insurance. After realizing that the other party’s insurance only had minimal coverage, Shahrad went through and found a way for my son to get the maximum compensation for his injuries. Shahrad and his team are very organized and efficient. They were willing to go the extra mile to make sure my son was compensated.
The thought and caring that comes from this law firm is shown and felt immensely. I would recommend Shahrad to anyone who has been injured in an accident. He is a great attorney, very knowledgeable and considerate, with an extremely kind and caring demeanor.

Chrissy B.

I am delighted to write a glowing review for Shahrad and the Milanfar Law Firm firm that represented me in my father's wrongful death case.

From the outset, Shahrad displayed exceptional professionalism, empathy, and dedication to seeking justice for my family.

Throughout the entire process, Shahrad demonstrated a profound understanding of the complexities of a personal injury / wrongful death case. His expertise and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the litigation, leaving no stone unturned to build a strong and compelling case on my behalf.

Moreover, Shahrad's compassionate approach made the entire experience more manageable during a challenging and emotionally charged time. He was not only my advocate, but also a pillar of support, guiding me through the legal proceedings with patience and care.

Shahrad's impressive courtroom skills and persuasive arguments were instrumental in securing a favorable outcome. His tenacity and unwavering commitment to seeking justice for my father's untimely passing were truly commendable.

In summary, I cannot speak highly enough of Shahrad and the law firm's exceptional performance in handling my case. Thanks to their tireless efforts, my family found closure because they held the wrongdoers accountable. If anyone is in need of legal representation in personal injury or a wrongful death case, I wholeheartedly recommend Shahrad and his team. They are true champions for justice and a beacon of hope in times of darkness.

Ashley S.

I want to thank Milanfar Law Firm for handling our complicated and serious trucking accident claim.

They went beyond what we expected. Anytime i needed to talk to Shahrad and Donavon they were always available and willing to help. They are fast and reliable. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Robert C.

When I 1st got hurt, I didn’t know what to expect.

But after reaching out to a friend and having them recommend Shahrad’s Law Firm, I couldn’t be more satisfied. His firm made this 18 month journey fly by and gave me an outcome that truly exceeded my expectations. You couldn’t ask for a more professional team to handle your needs.

James B.

Throughout my life, I had never been a fan of attorneys.

I believed that they were all about the money and never really cared about the clients. In 2019, I was in desperate need of a personal injury attorney to handle a serious hip injury case. I must have told my story to at least 25 attorneys and not one would take my case because they didn’t have the vision or grit to handle such a tough personal injury case. Then, through a good friend of mine, I met Shahrad Milanfar of the Milanfar Law Firm. This man took on my case immediately. For 2 years he and his amazing team, Danielle, Annalise, and Chris, fought for me enduring unlimited hours of discovery, depositions, and negotiations. He wanted to win the case for me not for the money, but because he truly believed that I had been wronged and seriously injured. He is an amazing attorney who treated me like a human being and helped me with a very difficult personal injury case. I was extremely happy with the outcome and would honestly recommend this personal injury law firm again and again.


His responsiveness, deft trial and negotiation skills, as well as professionalism not only helped me get the settlement, I wanted in both cases but eased my stress during very difficult times.

I have needed Milanfar Law Firm’s services twice. In the first case Shahrad gave me excellent advice on how to approach the issue with the understanding that I preferred to avoid a drawn-out legal process. In the second case, after trying unsuccessfully to resolve the issue on my own, I turned again to Shahrad for help based on how adept he was in helping me the first time. Shahrad’s high emotional intelligence, expert knowledge of the law, and strong work ethic are reflected in his excellent skills. He helped me overcome my own emotional reactions to the situation by focusing strategically on the details that mattered. I would not hesitate to recommend Shahrad as a mediator and lawyer. His responsiveness, deft trial and negotiation skills, as well as professionalism not only helped me get the settlement, I wanted in both cases but eased my stress during very difficult times. Shahrad’s practice focusses on catastrophic personal injury, product liability, police brutality, and nursing home negligence cases.

Jonathon T.

I hired Shahrad Milanfar of the Milanfar Law Firm for a serious personal injury case I was involved in.

I received nothing but upfront, honest, reliable, and well-rounded representation. The integrity and upstanding nature of this firm is extraordinary. They will fight tooth and nail for justice and to protect their clients’ rights. I will wholeheartedly recommend hiring Shahrad’s firm for any personal injury, product liability, civil rights / police brutality or nursing home abuse case. This firm works hard to protect their clients’ rights and to make sure the result is fair. You are in good hands with Milanfar Law. They do a great job representing their clients in an honest and fair way.

Brian H.

I highly recommend Milanfar Law firm to anyone with a personal injury case.

My beautiful dog Teddy was lost in a brutal dog attack, and I suffered minor physical injuries. Most law firms did not want my case because they didn’t value what I had gone through. Shahrad was different. He understood my pain and suffering from losing my precious Teddy and took my case because he believed in me. He kept me informed throughout the process. He pushed the case forward when the defense refused to see my pain. He talked me through everything and took care of everything where I didn’t have to talk about the horrible incident over and over again. I initially felt alone. Shahrad’s team made me realize they were in my corner. Milanfar Law Firm did a great job of getting the other side to see my pain and pay what was right. He was professional and did an amazing job every step of the way. I’m very satisfied with his service and will recommend him to anyone who needs help in a personal injury or product liability case.

Oyu E.

I honestly cannot say enough positive things in regards to my experience with Donavon, Shahrad, and their team at Milanfar Law Firm.

Through some of the most difficult times in my life, they were more than helpful, informative, personable, professional, and overall genuinely good people. Their work ethic and initiative is unmatched. I am forever grateful for all of the work that they have done. I strongly recommend them!


Shahrad and Donavon were a great team to work with on my car accident lawsuit.

Donavon was very efficient with giving advice and providing updates regarding my case at a timely fashion as well as providing a clear explanation and transparent rationale for each stage of my case. Shahrad also was a pleasure to work with as he provided his firm’s mission at the outset of my case and exceeded my expectations. Collectively, Shahrad and Donavon handled my case with the utmost professionalism and integrity. As someone who is not the most legal savvy, I felt a strong sense of legal protection and direction that I strongly believe Shahrad and Donavon could only provide. Milanfar Law works on personal injury, trucking accident, and police brutality / civil rights cases.


I am so happy that I choose Milianfar Law Firm to assist me after my car accident.

Donavon and Shahrad were extremely helpful in keeping me informed on all the legal processes, providing me with all options available, and ensuring I was aware of the status of my case at every step. They were always accessible for questions and were easy to talk to about concerns.
I recommend this firm to anyone seeking representation in a motor vehicle accident. They worked diligently to reduce my medical bill and were masterfully negotiators to maximize my settlement. They ultimately secured a much larger settlement on my behalf than I had expected, and I am incredibly pleased with the result.

Lewis W.

If you are looking for someone to represent you that is honest, knowledgeable, and who truly cares about you and your personal injury case, I would highly recommend working with Shahrad at Milanfar Law.

Shahrad and his team of experienced lawyers take the extra time to walk you through each step of the process and to help educate you along the way, always guiding you with your best interests at heart. For someone who has never been part of any litigation the whole process seemed daunting but Shahrad really helped put us at ease. We were really pleased with the outcome of the case and couldn’t recommend him more.

Jennifer K.

When I was in a car accident, and the other side kept low-balling me.

Shahrad Milanfar and his team were there to help. Shahrad and his firm were very quick to respond and could not be any nicer. They finally got the other side to pay attention to my case and respond. Shahrad would not stop until he felt that I got what I was entitled to based on what happened. I would recommend Milanfar Law Firm to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney. Thank you Milanfar Law Firm for all of your help!

Johnna S.

I have known Shahrad Milanfar for a while.

He has always worked hard and displayed integrity. I also know that he is very fair and has great relationships in the legal field. So, when I needed my own attorney, I could think of no one with whom I would have felt more comfortable. Shahrad was a consummate professional. He helped calm my nerves when I was anxious about what I was facing. He worked pretty quickly to prepare my case. He has a dynamite team of attorneys who work with him. The attorney who worked with me on a day to day basis worked around the clock on our discovery and was very thorough and paid attention to details, while Shahrad oversaw the entire case. You can’t go wrong hiring the Milanfar Law Firm, PC. I have been referring people to him for a while. His firm handles personal injury, product liability, civil rights / police brutality cases.

Wendy B.

Shahrad Milanfar And His Team Of Experts Got Me The Help I Needed

I was in an Accident and there was nobody to help. Shahrad Milanfar and his team of experts got me the help I needed. They took care of my situation like their own family. I’m completely happy with everything they have done for me and my family, and now drive with confidence like I used to before my Accident. If you need an attorney for a personal injury case or truck accident case, the Milanfar Law Firm will take care of you. Thanks Milanfar Law Firm!

Patrick P.

They Are There For You When You Need A Great Personal Injury Attorney

I am so grateful for the help of the Milanfar Law Firm in handling my car accident case. They are absolutely awesome! I would have lost out on a good settlement if I did not have their help. It was a major relief to have someone to turn to during such a stressful time. Several issues came up which Shahrad and Danielle handled with professionalism. They encouraged me, kept in touch with me, and had the knowledge and experience to take care of what needed to be done. Especially when I was giving up hope, they gave me the reassurance to hang in there. Finally getting the settlement felt like a miracle. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all that they did. They are there for you when you need a great personal injury attorney!

Athena B.

They Made You Feel As If You Called Your Big Brother to Protect You

I was involved in a complex civil personal injury case that looked hopeless. Luckily, I was referred to Milanfar Law Firm. Mr. Shahrad Milanfar used his extensive knowledge and innovative techniques to bring this case to a settlement. Not only did he end this ongoing case, he was able to achieve a result that will help my family for a long time.

Mr. Milanfar was knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He was extremely transparent with the entire process. His staff was just as inviting and caring in their interactions with me. They made you feel as if you called your big brother to protect you. I know some would say that’s what lawyers are supposed to do because you’re paying them, but believe me, this was different. Shahrad Milanfar and his team made me feel like they were protecting a family member. An outstanding law firm that I would definitely recommend to my friends and family members who need a personal injury, nursing home abuse or police brutality attorney. Thank you, Milanfar Law Firm!!

Ron P.

Shahrad Earned My Respect As The Trust I Put In Him Was Well Founded

I wanted to write to express my sincere gratitude for Shahrad Milanfar’s help in resolving a case I thought was impossible to solve. Every other attorney saw an impossible situation. Shahrad saw a solution. He took my case and resolved it quickly and in a professional / timely manner. I cannot thank Shahrad enough for everything he did for me. His professionalism, sound advice, and guidance made this stressful situation feel a lot less so. Shahrad earned my respect as the trust I put in him was well founded and resulted in a very positive experience. I highly recommend you to my family, friends and anyone else that can use an outstanding and professional personal injury attorney. Thank you again for all your help.

Rocio G

Someone Who Not Only Cares About The Case, But Cares About You As A Person

I worked with Shahrad for the last few years and to be honest, going through a case for many years without a solution can be very overwhelming and tireless. There have been many moments of weakness and challenges along the way. One of my biggest fears was not feeling like we were going to have someone with our best interest or someone that would just put us off because our case was taking so long, but Shahrad was the complete opposite of what I thought it was going to be like. Shahrad always did his best to make our experience as seamless as possible. He was not only quick in his responses getting back to us when we reached out, but he always blocked out time to spend with us rather than just giving us a quick and short answer to anything. During the moments of high stress he did his best to give us perspective to ease any anxiety we were experiencing and we can’t thank him enough for that. Having someone who not only cares about the case, but cares about you as a person, makes a difference in the experience while working together. We are very grateful to have met someone amazing, caring, and humble. We highly recommend their services. Thank you Sharhard and thank you to your team!

Janae L.

I Am Grateful . . .

Shahrad represented us in a complicated and lengthy case. As the days, months and years progressed, Shahrad always kept us up to date with current events, current status, current everything, even if “nothing” was happening. During each step in the process, Shahrad took the time to carefully walk us through what to expect, what to do, and what the end goal was for that phase. Going into each phase, I felt totally prepared mentally, and emotionally. Shahrad always gave us his perspective whether he felt things were to our advantage or not. He did not make empty promises, was always forthright, and kept the conversation going with positive energy. During times of high stress or anxiety, Shahrad often reminded me that at the end of the day, it was his job to carry the burden of stress so that my business partner and I can worry about the important things in our daily lives; so we did just that. We gave ultimate trust to Shahrad and his team to take our case and have our best interest at hand.
I am grateful to Shahrad and his team for everything they did for us. He answered communications immediately, never allowing us to wait – hence causing undue stress. We felt his genuine care as if we were connected, not by just a lawsuit case, but by mutual understanding and respect. With that said, I wholeheartedly recommend Shahrad and his team. I can attest to the fact that he and his team will not let you down. Thank you for this opportunity to share our experience, and thank you Shahrad and your team for you exceptional handling of our case.

Marion M.

A World Class Lawyer

Shahrad Milanfar sets the bar high for the rest of us in the legal community. He is exceedingly bright, knowledgeable, and always prepared. His ethics and professionalism are unparalleled. While he is extremely competitive and a zealous advocate, he handles his cases with the precision of a surgeon — saving his clients’ valuable resources. No one generally needs a lawyer until they are on the receiving end of a lawsuit or suffered harm. As an attorney with more than 20 years of experience, I can say with absolute confidence that Shahrad Milanfar is a world class lawyer of the highest caliber. I highly recommend Shahrad to anyone in need of legal representation. He will exceed your expectations.

Larry Buckley

Knowledgeable, Fair And A Sharp Negotiator

Shahrad handled a wrongful death (asbestos) claim for my company. He was great at explaining the case and legal procedures to me, as well as working in a timely and diligent fashion to resolve the case. He is very knowledgeable, fair and a sharp negotiator. Should I ever need legal representation again, he will be the first person I call. I would highly recommend him!


Reputable, Knowledgeable, Exceptional

Mr. Milanfar is a reputable, knowledgeable and exceptional attorney, trial lawyer and human being. He deeply cares for his clients and will use his years of experience as a voice of reason in resolving a matter or connecting with a jury. It is my pleasure to endorse him.

Omid Rejali

Strongly Recommend Shahrad

Shahrad Milanfar successfully resolved a complicated case for our teenage son, who had been involved in a serious accident. During the process, Shahrad demonstrated insight into a complex situation where several parties, their attorneys, and insurance companies were involved.

Shahrad showed great patience in allowing the case to play out, encouraging us to be patient. He clearly explained the alternatives available to us and to other parties, as well as the possible outcomes. Over several months, Shahrad dealt with us in a positive and calming manner, and produced the most positive outcome we could have hoped for. We strongly recommend Shahrad for his skill as an attorney and mediator.

Geoff and Ruth

Shahrad Is Truly A Gem

I was introduced to Shahrad by another fabulous attorney, Michael Panah, for mediation.

Shahrad is extremely professional, responsive and capable. He also charged a very reasonable number of hours for what he accomplished for us. My husband and I were both very impressed by his skill level, warmth as a person and his honesty in all our dealings with him. He partners with you to solve issues honestly and does not take sides. He is definitely on my short list of attorneys to be recommended to friend and family.


Excellent Lawyer And Mediator!

Mr. Milanfar was appointed by the Santa Clara County Superior Court to act as an early settlement “neutral” or mediator over a property damage claim I was handling. Mr. Milanfar spent the time necessary to become familiar with the case and he diligently worked to bridge a very large gap between plaintiff’s initial demand and defendant’s initial settlement offer. Although the case did not settle at the early settlement conference, Mr. Milanfar continued to follow up with the parties over the next several months until they were finally able to reach an agreement which resolved the case without the need for an expensive trial. During the process, I was very impressed with Mr. Milanfar’s knowledge, tenacity and his negotiation skills. I also found him to be very pleasant to work with. Most importantly, my client was very happy with the end result.