Year: 2021

Look out for these signs of elder abuse and neglect

Posted on 03/18/21

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Unfortunately, elder abuse is more common than one may think. This is especially true during the COVID-19 Pandemic. California elderly patients who are living in a residential facility like a nursing home or assisted living facility are at risk for elder mistreatment and abuse. As a caring loved one, it’s a good idea to understand…

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Signs of over-medicating abuse at nursing homes

When seniors are living in a California nursing home, the staff is responsible for the medication that the residents receive each day. Over-medicating patients is a common problem that has increased in recent years. Signs of over-medicating abuse include seniors who sleep a lot or are not coherent because of the medication. Some families aren’t…

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Neglect through nursing home understaffing

While the state government grants some waivers, California law says that nursing homes should provide at least 3.5 nursing hours per resident per day. Not maintaining this level over the long haul puts residents at significant risk. Malnutrition Understaffing in nursing homes often leads to malnourishment in residents. In these residents, the inside of their…

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Preventing nursing home injuries from falls

Nursing homes in California should be a safe space for your loved ones to live after serious health matters or towards the end of their lives. Most residents in these homes are at least 70 if not over 100 years of age or young people with disabilities. Sometimes, unfortunately, preventable nursing home injuries do occur,…

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