California sues major nursing home chain over false records

Deciding which California nursing home will best suit your loved one can be an intense, stressful experience. Care services, expenses, dietary offerings and social opportunities must all be weighed and considered. Unfortunately, some nursing homes fudge facts about their facilities. Californian officials believe that Brookdale, a country-wide elder care chain, is guilty of this offense.

California is suing a nursing home company

Brookdale is the largest senior care corporation in the United States and operates over 800 facilities. According to California’s attorney general, the company has been playing fast and loose with regulatory reports and patient obligations. As such, the AG filed a nursing home lawsuit.

According to the claim, Brookdale allegedly discharged residents illegally to make room for higher-paying customers and cooked the books to inflate their quality ratings. California authorities also contend that the company gave misleading and falsified information to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal nursing home regulator, regarding working hours for registered nurses and staff. The suit is significant because it’s the first to target a top-tier elder-care operator for CMS violations.

Who can sue nursing homes?

The attorney general is not the only party who can sue nursing homes. Private citizens may also file claims against elder care complexes for various reasons, including personal injury, neglect, wrongful death and even accounting fraud.

If you or a loved one feels that they’ve been wronged by a senior care facility, consulting with an attorney may help. A lawyer may assess a situation and determine the case’s viability. Seniors deserve dignity and respect, and ensuring that they get it involves censuring negligent nursing homes. Fighting back against improper care is your right.