What can you do if your loved one has nursing home injuries?

You rely on a California nursing home to care properly for your elderly loved one when they’re no longer able to care for themselves. Unfortunately, nursing home injuries happen all the time. Many of them happen as a result of neglect and could have otherwise been avoided. You should expect nothing but the highest level of care for your loved one at all times.

What are the most common types of nursing home injuries?

Elderly people who are in nursing homes are prone to nursing home injuries. Among the most common of those injuries are pressure ulcers, also commonly known as bedsores. These are injuries that occur when a person is more likely to be seated or lying in bed for prolonged periods of time. These nursing home injuries can affect various bony bodily areas such as the tailbone, elbows, heels, ankles and hips.

Pressure ulcers can form due to a variety of factors and can be very serious. In the worst cases, a person’s bones may be exposed from the wound. In addition to sitting or lying down in the same position frequently, poor health, poor nutrition and hydration and excess moisture from incontinence can lead to these nursing home injuries.

Who’s at risk for these injuries?

People in nursing homes are at greater risk of pressure ulcers. Anyone who is mostly immobile, such as those who use wheelchairs, are at risk. People who are paralyzed and who have undergone surgery are also more prone to nursing home injuries.

Who can help you?

An attorney can help you if your loved one has suffered nursing home injuries. If there is a situation of neglect, your attorney can look into it and you can file a claim on your loved one’s behalf.