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A burn injury can impact a survivor’s life in more ways than one. As a burn injury victim, your physical appearance, emotional health, ability to work, and financial state may never be the same after your accident. At Milanfar Law Firm, PC, our Walnut Creek, California burn injury lawyers have more than two decades of experience handling even the most complex burn injury lawsuits. We have what it takes to demand justice and maximum financial compensation on your behalf.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be caused by four main types of energy causing damage to the skin: thermal, chemical, electrical, or radiation. Thermal burns are the most common; they refer to skin damage from contact with a source of heat, such as fire or hot steam. Once the type of burn is identified, a doctor will place the injury into one of three categories, based on severity:

  1. First-degree burn. The least serious type, affects only the topmost layer of skin. A first-degree burn does not break the skin or blister, and typically does not cause scarring.
  2. Second-degree burn. A partial-thickness burn, affecting the top two layers of skin. This type of burn is marked by blisters and comes with a risk of infection, scarring, and skin discoloration.
  3. Third-degree burn. A full-thickness burn and the most severe type, affecting all layers of skin and the deeper tissues. These burns can cause permanent disfigurement, amputation, and death.

All burn injuries should be taken seriously and seen by a medical professional. Burn injuries are especially susceptible to infection and other health complications, making it extremely important to go to a doctor after a burn accident.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Walnut Creek, California

The most common causes of burn injuries in California are preventable accidents, such as fires caused by dangerous property hazards and chemical burns from unsafe workplaces. If you or a loved one sustained a burn injury in any of the following circumstances, you may have grounds to file a personal injury case:

  • Structural fire
  • Defective product incident
  • Chemical spill
  • Daycare accident
  • Workplace accident
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Electrocution
  • Oil or gas explosion
  • Physical abuse

If one or more parties had the power to prevent your burn injury but negligently failed to do so, that party may be financially responsible for your medical bills and other losses. Negligence in a burn injury case is the failure to use an ordinary amount of care. Our Walnut Creek attorneys can help you establish negligence in a burn injury case to recover financial compensation.

What Is the Average Burn Injury Settlement?

Burn injuries can be catastrophic, resulting in high-value personal injury claims. Some burn injury survivors achieve settlements or jury verdicts that reach into the millions for lifetime losses and expenses. Others receive several thousand dollars for less severe burn injuries.

There is no such thing as an average burn injury settlement. The only way to determine the value of your case is by consulting with a lawyer. At Milanfar Law Firm, PC, we can give you an accurate evaluation of your case by carefully assessing your losses, which may include medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and lost wages.

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