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When e-cigarettes were a new product, many people considered them to be less harmful than smoking tobacco. Few people suspected that the vaping devices themselves (and the batteries they use) would pose a serious risk of injury.

The reality is that vape pens can explode and cause serious burns, often resulting in disfigurement and requiring cosmetic surgery.

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Questions Of Product Liability And Medical Expenses

When vape pen batteries overheat, they can explode. Sadly, people have suffered disfiguring injuries to multiple parts of their bodies, including the face, hands, arms and legs.

In many cases, the battery itself is manufactured by a different company than the company that manufactures the vape pen. For victims to get the medical treatment and financial compensation they deserve, it becomes necessary to consider every aspect of the product, including:

  1. Product design
  2. Product manufacturing
  3. Product instructions
  4. Product warnings (failure to warn)
  5. Consumer expectation
  6. How the product is used

It is also necessary to consider the full medical impact of the injury. With e-cigarette burns, the costs may include emergency and ongoing medical care, as well as reconstructive / cosmetic surgery.

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