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A bedsore is a type of ulcer that can form on the skin when a vulnerable person – such as someone with an injury or disability – is left in the same position for too long without exercise or relief. When a senior citizen at a nursing home in Los Angeles or a patient at a hospital develops bedsore, it is often a sign of neglect. The attorneys at Milanfar Law Firm, PC can help you with a bedsore lawsuit using years of experience and a passion for justice.

What Is a Bedsore?

A bedsore is also referred to as a pressure ulcer. It develops mainly due to too much pressure exerted on this same part of the body for too long. An example is the heels of the feet and the shoulder blades of an immobile person being pressed against a bed for hours or days at a time. Prolonged pressure cuts off the flow of blood in the area, starving the skin cells of oxygen. If left untreated, the pressure can continue to build and destroy the skin cells entirely. This causes an ulcer known as bedsore. Bedsores can also be caused by friction. They are more common in patients with fragile skin, damp skin, poor blood flow, and malnutrition or dehydration.

Four Stages of a Bedsore

When a bedsore is diagnosed, the doctor places it into one of four stages, with stage 1 being the most minor and stage 4 being the most severe. The stage of bedsore can determine things such as the patient’s prognosis and treatment plan.

  • Stage 1. In the first stage, a pressure sore only affects the uppermost layer of skin. The spot may appear red or discolored and feel different from the surrounding skin.
  • Stage 2. In stage 2, the skin may break and create a pus-filled blister. This type of sore affects the lower levels of skin and is prone to infection.
  • Stage 3. A stage 3 bedsore can appear like a crater in the skin and may give off a foul odor. It will show signs of infection, such as fever, pus, and red edges.
  • Stage 4. In the most serious stage, bedsore can affect the deepest layers of tissue, such as the muscles and ligaments. It will be large and deep, with black skin and obvious signs of infection.

The stage of your loved one’s bedsore at the time of diagnosis is often indicative of how long he or she has been left alone by medical staff or caregivers. A stage 4 bedsore, for example, is almost always a sign of neglect and abuse.

When Are Bedsores Neglect?

Bedsores are typically preventable. If a nursing home resident or hospital patient is known to be immobile for long periods of time, it is the responsibility of staff members to address their needs accordingly. This can involve exercise regimes, special diets, turning schedules, and non-friction sheets. The at-risk individual should be checked regularly for signs of pressure ulcers in their earliest stages. If a bedsore has been left unnoticed or untreated to the point where it has reached a later stage, this is a sign of neglect.

Can You Sue for Bedsores in California?

Failing to prevent bedsore and/or failing to treat bedsore right away can give the victim grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles, California. A lawsuit can hold a nurse, doctor, caregiver, nursing home staff member or another party responsible for the pressure ulcer and its effects on the victim. These effects can be severe, especially with a stage 4 bedsore. 

The damages related to bedsores may include infection, complications, expensive medical care, surgeries, pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost quality of life, and even wrongful death. the victim or his or her family may be entitled to financial compensation for all of these losses and more with a bedsore lawsuit in Los Angeles.

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