3 Issues that can Lead to Nursing Home Understaffing

Understaffing at a nursing home can be a dangerous issue for the residents there. If they cannot receive timely assistance, they may be more likely to suffer serious consequences from a medical issue or unexpectedly fall if they try to handle alone something that they typically require support to do.

Understaffing is not something a nursing home can always predict. There are certain issues that can cause unexpected short-term understaffing issues. What might lead to a nursing home not having enough available workers? Consider these potential issues:

A family emergency

If someone scheduled for the third shift every day suddenly has a family emergency, like a parent going into the hospital out of state, they may take a sudden and unplanned leave of absence. It could be difficult for the facility to cover those shifts with little warning.

When a worker falls ill

Nursing home residents aren’t the only ones who can easily become sick because of their constant exposure to a large group of people. The professionals working in a nursing home could also get sick. Whether they have something very dangerous or just a cold, a worker who would spread infectious disease can’t come in and may leave the facility understaffed.

Inclement weather

There are days when workers intend to come in and do their job but windy or wet road conditions actually prevent them from doing so. Employees who get into car accidents or who get stranded because of unexpected weather issues may not make it to work when trying to relieve someone else at the end of their shift.

Understanding the real-world situations that can lead to nursing home neglect could help your family take action if a loved one gets hurt.