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Accidents involving Uber or Lyft vehicles do happen in the Oakland area, but individuals often struggle to receive compensation after sustaining injuries or property damage. At Milanfar Law Firm, PC, we are here to help if you need an Oakland Uber or Lyft accident lawyer by your side. We understand what it takes to challenge aggressive insurance carriers and recover the compensation you need. Let us get to work on your behalf today.

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  • At Milanfar Law Firm, PC, we firmly believe in putting the clients first in every case that we take. You will always have access to your attorney for continuous and updated information.
  • We have an extensive track record of success handling complex vehicle accident claims throughout California, and we know what it takes to secure compensation.
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How Uber and Lyft Accidents Occur

Uber and Lyft accidents happen all the time. Drivers of these rideshare vehicles typically are no different than you and me. They are regular people with regular driver’s licenses. They operate their own vehicles, and they make driving mistakes just like anyone else. However, rideshare drivers do have an added disadvantage in that part of the job description is using their phones on a regular basis. Distracted driving is a major problem for Uber and Lyft vehicle operators.

Aside from distracted driving, accidents can also occur due to various other types of driving negligence, including impaired driving, operating too fast for conditions, failing to yield the right of way, failing to stop at stop signs or stop lights, and more.

We do want to make a point that just because you were in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle does not necessarily mean the rideshare driver was at fault. There may be other drivers completely or partially responsible for the accident, and liability must be sorted out in order for you to recover compensation.

How Much Compensation is Available?

Compensation after a rideshare accident could come from the rideshare driver’s insurance carrier(s) or through an insurance claim or lawsuit against another party altogether.

Both Uber and Lyft do provide supplemental and total insurance policies to their drivers, but the insurance kicks in on a tiered basis depending on the activity of the driver at the time the collision occurred. Individuals harmed due to the careless or negligent actions of another party in a rideshare accident should be able to recover the compensation needed to pay:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Any ongoing medical or rehabilitation costs
  • Prescription medications or medical devices
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage expenses
  • Various household out-of-pocket losses

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