California Car Accident Laws

Posted on 04/14/22

in News

A car accident in California can happen to anyone, at any time. Statistically, getting into a car accident is more likely to be a matter of when not if. It is important for all drivers in California to have a basic understanding of the state’s car accident laws to use in the event of a…

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UTIs among elderly women: What you should know

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common in senior women. They’re also easily treatable — but only if they’re caught in time. Unfortunately, nursing homes sometimes overlook the obvious signs of a urinary tract infection until it becomes serious or even fatal to the victim. What are the symptoms of a UTI in older women?…

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What you should know about bedsores

There’s no one demographic group that resides in a nursing home. Some residents live there because they suffer from a cognitive disorder and require 24-hour monitoring to ensure their safety. Others may reside there because they’re immobile and thus need dedicated care-giving. These are only two of many reasons someone may end up living in…

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