Understanding the Legal Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Nursing home residents are among some of the most vulnerable populations in our society. The unfortunate decline in people’s health as they become older means that living in an unfamiliar environment with unknown people, they could be subjected to unfair treatment. Reach out to a reputable Pleasant Hill nursing home abuse attorney from Milnafar today to learn more about nursing home residents’ legal rights.

The Plethora of Rights Afforded to Nursing Home Residents by California Law

As previously mentioned, sacrificing a number of one’s personal liberties in some ways does not mean that separate liberties are not gained elsewhere. The signing of a contract with a nursing home means that – although someone may be less free from direct oversight from nursing home staff members – the home has a number of requirements they must meet when taking care of their new residents.

  • Respectful Treatment – Nursing homes have the obligation to treat someone with dignity and respect. This means that residents should not be discriminated against, restricted from social participation, abused or neglected, or deceived by staff.
  • Freedom from Restraints – Many elder care facilities across the country abusively practice and misuse both physical and chemical restraints. This is an obvious violation of someone’s ability to move about freely and should only be utilized in proper and extreme circumstances.
  • Reception of Proper Medical Care – The large majority of nursing homes are established in order to address the pressing needs of elderly folks’ declining health. As family members trust these establishments, they should provide adequate medical services in order to carry out this mission.
  • Proper Living Arrangements – Living conditions are of paramount concern for those placing their loved ones in nursing homes. These should be livable, private, and come with the necessary social services – including visiting friends and family.
  • Ability to Leave a Nursing Home – Someone residing in a nursing home should have the freedom to leave the home for a temporary period of time, in addition to being discharged if it is in their best interest.
  • Ability to File Complaints – In addition to the aforementioned rights, residents should be afforded the ability to file complaints to their local ombudsman or lawmakers, for example. Should a resident’s ability to complain to these bodies or the police, for instance, the nursing home may be subject to legal action.
  • Financial Freedom – The price of goods and services should be transparent to residents and their families, and the rights to manage their money should belong only to individuals entrusted by the resident or the resident themself.

Milnafar Is the Go-To Nursing Home Abuse Firm in California

Nursing home residents should be afforded the same amount of respect as any other population. Despite this, elderly folk in resident care facilities are much too often neglected and abused. Reach out to a Pleasant Hill nursing home abuse attorney from Milnafar as soon as possible in regard to a case concerning the infringement of residents’ rights. We can be reached via online contact form or (925) 320-3368.